Exile On Main Street and Keith Richard’s Telecaster Sound
Exile is my favorite album and I love rock and roll myths.
This guitar is responsible for some of the tones that defined rock and roll music. Believe it or not I met Keith. My sister got us backstage at a Robert Cray concert, and the Memphis Horns were there. Keith was shooting a video for “Make No Mistake” with the legendary Sarah Dash. They invited us!

Keith was drinking Wild Turkey I think. They poured it into a glass like you’d poor a glass of soda. This was at 4am, after the concert which also had John Hiatt. Great show! Anyway… Keith took the time to shake my hand and say hello and shake my hand say goodbye. He had his amp there so he jammed a little too while I drank vodka with the Memphis Horns. Not a bad night! Btw, Keith claims he gets more options without the low E-string but that just makes no sense

A Blackguard Named Micawber –