Hot Rod Pickups


The Sound of Your Guitar

The concept of integrating vintage pickups and replica’s designed to recreate the classic range of sounds is the center of the Hot Rod Guitar.

Hot Rod Guitars use a wide range of pickups, custom selected to give each instrument a beautiful and unique tone.

We work with several expert winders to get rewound antique pickups and new pickups, in both single and double coil configurations.

Brands: Seymour Duncan, TV Jones, Fralin, Lollar, Fender, Mojotone, Teisco, DeArmond, Rio Grande, DiMarzio

The visual of the guitar is customized in an effort to support and enhance the sonic concept of the instrument.


The Bridge Pickup is an opportunity to recreate two classic tele sounds: twangy or hot.


You can also utilize a humbucker or p9- for other variation in the bridge.


The Neck Pickup is an opportunity to get a single coil p90 or traditional tele sound. This pickup should match the bridge pickup: if the bridge is hot, the neck should be hot; if the bridge is twangy, the neck should match in terms of output.

The magic is in the middle position, where old sounds combine to create new sounds.


Special note: Studio players require the middle position to be quiet.

Mostly we reverse wind pickups so the middle position is reduces the noise much like a humbucker. In some case we wire the pickups out of phase to give the middle position that “nasal snarl,” reminiscent of the in-between strat positions (2 & 4 on a 5-position switch).

Hot Rod Guitars Presents

3 Free Live Shows –  January 2022- Coast to Coast


Jan 2022

Patti Rothberg – NYC

8:00PM | 10:45PM Stage 

Otto’s Shrunken Head, NYC, NY


Jan 2022

The Jersey Beatles – NYC


The Hard Swallow, NYC, NY


Jan 2022

Doctor Dan’s Music Show – LOS ANGELES

8:30PM | 11:30PM Stage

Cinema Bar, Culver City, CA

It’s time to get back out and listen to live music again. Hot Rod Guitars is presenting 3 live shows for the New Year, 2022. We’ll See you at the shows! 

Buying a Guitar For your Child

Your kid is 12 years old and wants to play guitar.  You can identify with that impulse and it feels good. 

There’s a Kenny Chesney video in which a high school football coach is telling the kids, “everybody wants to be you tonight.”  It’s fun to be a kid and it is fun to play guitar. 

The main thing to bear in mind is that you are creating memories for a lifetime for your child so it’s an opportunity to create something lasting.  It’s funny how guitars outlive us as human beings but the more esoteric question is how long do memories last and do they transcend our very existence? 

The most important aspect of this purchase is making sure your kid has a good experience.   In all nearly all cases the first instinct is the correct one.  It’s ok to buy on color as long as the child has a chance to at least touch and hold the guitar.  Playing guitar is a tactile experience, and the instincts don’t lie.

Another important aspect is finding the right teacher for your child.  A great teacher for one person is not a great teacher for everybody.  Inspiration is often more important than virtuosity. Who inspires your child?

Playing guitar is a broad topic.   Some people want to play folk songs, some want to play like Jimi Hendrix, others want to learn jazz chords.   All are noble pursuits but entail an entirely different set of requirements.   Identify what the goals are and use this as an opportunity to teach your kid about the value of setting realistic, attainable goals early on.

The process is your child’s relationship to music as a participant, just as little league is your child’s relationship to sports as a participant.  Purchasing a guitar is part of that process, but it should be emphasized that this is a process.  The gift is the music, not the guitar.  The gift of music originates from the source and remains part of that source long after we are gone.  This purchase represents something much bigger than a present from mom and dad. 




Exile On Main Street and Keith Richard’s Telecaster Sound
Exile is my favorite album and I love rock and roll myths.
This guitar is responsible for some of the tones that defined rock and roll music. Believe it or not I met Keith. My sister got us backstage at a Robert Cray concert, and the Memphis Horns were there. Keith was shooting a video for “Make No Mistake” with the legendary Sarah Dash. They invited us!

Keith was drinking Wild Turkey I think. They poured it into a glass like you’d poor a glass of soda. This was at 4am, after the concert which also had John Hiatt. Great show! Anyway… Keith took the time to shake my hand and say hello and shake my hand say goodbye. He had his amp there so he jammed a little too while I drank vodka with the Memphis Horns. Not a bad night! Btw, Keith claims he gets more options without the low E-string but that just makes no sense

A Blackguard Named Micawber –