Why Hot Rod Guitars?

As a guitar player, you know that every instrument you own is unique. Some have that perfect sound from the tiniest and most delicate finger picking, to that deep growl, to that smooth blues tone. If you’re lucky enough, in your lifetime to find a single instrument that is yours, you know it. Some may never find that instrument, but if there is a place to find it, you’re probably not going to find it going through a standard catalog of guitars from a big vendor.

Hot Rod Guitars brings you boutique guitars at a reasonable price.

Based on classic guitar sounds, we take the traditional and turn it up. Featuring hand-wound pickups from some the best winders on the planet we are able to offer the blues, country, rock, funk and jazz tones and timbers that started in the late 40’s and continue today, including Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, Steve Cropper and so many more. Hard-to-find antique pickups are featured on some models.


We reflect the theme of the sound in the look to give each guitar it’s own character. Playable works of art designed and assembled in the East Village of NYC, each guitar is custom The look and the sound are inextricable, so each guitar is a complete thought – from pickups to neck to look and feel, each guitar is an integrated concept, and a separate piece of art.


These are professional instruments intended to take you the next level in terms of sound. These instruments are designed for performers – looks count – and Hot Rod Guitars are geared for stage and recording at the highest professional level.

More About Us


Kevin Eggers

a longtime producer and the founder of Tomato Records, says,

“He’s a pure kinds of character, you know? Musical spirits like you don’t get to see often these days”

Kenney Aronoff

who has drummed for John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Melissa Etheridge, and Smashing Pumpkins, has also drummed for Betty Dylan, and he’s a fan.

“His music is not chiseled and clean,” he says.

“It’s raw. Listen to it with your heart and you’ll feel it. It’s not to be analyzed, you know what I’m saying?”

Peter Guralnick

author of acclaimed biographies of Elvis Presley and Sam Cooke:

“All of Dan’s music reflects a keen intelligence and an irreverent sense of humor that reacts against orthodoxy of any kind. I think what drives his music, his writing, his sense of himself is not so much a reaction against what’s wrong as a drive toward a vision of what’s right.”